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Best Day

This song is by Keith And Renee and appears on the album Best Day (2011).

She was born in Oklahoma
He was raised in Baton Rouge
Somehow they got all hooked up
Cause that's what lovers do
They tore up every highway
Between here and Russell Flats
They didn't think about the future
They didn't worry about the past

He said I don't care where we're going
I just care where we're at

Yesterday was fine
Tomorrow might be even better
But we can't spend our time
Worrying about the end
This road is yours and mine
So baby let's drive it together
Cause today is the
Best day of our life

22 months later
Second baby on the way
They bought a house with a wrap around porch
In the heart of the USA
And they never lost their passion
For the simple things in life
And their love just kept on growing
Bigger than a prairie sky
She said: 'I'm gonna love you right now like the very first time'

He was standing at the doorway
About to kiss his wife good bye
His second tour of duty
He said honey don't you cry

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