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The Naked Wall

This song is by Keene Brothers.

The child needs to grow
The heart needs to know about you
The end is concealed
The song needs to build without you

True words are sunk
In a soft ground corrupted by heroes
A man with a rope
Who blackmailed the wild horse

We bring you all together to make it right
Sons of the bounty to break you
Take you into the naked wall

The search has begun

The eyes of the family seek you
So shall be you all
Your slate i-mac-you-lately polished

Growing stronger in their strangeness
Hungered highways split the sun
Off into your west
And through it now

Our wolf boys forgotten
Come you, come you to the wall
Blow dry your sheen, uh
In your slick limousine... uh


Written by:

Tommy Keene Robert Pollard

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