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Lay Down The Law (1984)Edit

Keel - Lay Down The Law

Lay Down The Law

  1. Thunder and Lightning
  2. Lay Down the Law
  3. Speed Demon
  4. Princess of Illusion
  5. Born Ready
  6. Metal Generation
  7. Till Hell Freezes Over
  8. Tonight You're Mine
  9. Let's Spend the Night Together

The Right To Rock (1985)Edit

Keel - The Right To Rock

The Right To Rock

  1. The Right to Rock
  2. Back to the City
  3. Let's Spend the Night Together
  4. Easier Said than Done
  5. So Many Girls, So Little Time
  6. Electric Love
  7. Speed Demon
  8. Get Down
  9. You're The Victim, I'm The Crime

The Final Frontier (1986)Edit

Keel - The Final Frontier

The Final Frontier

  1. The Final Frontier
  2. Rock and Roll Animal
  3. Because the Night
  4. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
  5. Arm and a Leg
  6. Raised on Rock
  7. Just Another Girl
  8. Tears of Fire
  9. Nightfall
  10. No Pain No Gain

Keel (1987)Edit

Keel - Keel


  1. United Nations
  2. Somebody's Waiting
  3. Cherry Lane
  4. Calm Before the Storm
  5. King of the Rock
  6. It's a Jungle Out There
  7. I Said the Wrong Thing to the Right Girl
  8. Don't Say You Love Me
  9. If Love Is a Crime (I Wanna Be Convicted)
  10. 4th of July

Keel VI: Back In Action (1998)Edit

Keel - Keel VI- Back In Action

Keel VI: Back In Action

  1. Back in Action
  2. Reason to Rock
  3. United Nations
  4. Friday Every Night
  5. Reach Out and Rock Somebody
  6. Hold Your Head Up
  7. Proud to Be Loud
  8. Answers in Your Eyes
  9. Lay Down the Law '84
  10. Speed Demon '84

Other SongsEdit

  1. Right To Rock

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