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Rare Early RecordingsEdit

Hopes and Fears (2004)Edit

Keane - Hopes & Fears
Hopes and Fears
  1. Somewhere Only We Know
  2. Bend and Break
  3. We Might as Well Be Strangers
  4. Everybody's Changing
  5. Your Eyes Open
  6. She Has No Time
  7. Can't Stop Now
  8. Sunshine
  9. This Is the Last Time
  10. On a Day Like Today
  11. Untitled 1
  12. Bedshaped
  13. Snowed Under (Japanese Bonus Track)
  14. Allemande (Japanese Bonus Track)

Under the Iron Sea (2006)Edit

Keane - Under The Iron Sea
Under the Iron Sea
  1. Atlantic
  2. Is It Any Wonder?
  3. Nothing in My Way
  4. Leaving So Soon?
  5. A Bad Dream
  6. Hamburg Song
  7. Put It Behind You
  8. The Iron Sea (UK and Japanese Bonus Track)
  9. Crystal Ball
  10. Try Again
  11. Broken Toy
  12. The Frog Prince
  13. Let It Slide (Japanese Bonus Track)

Perfect Symmetry (2008)Edit

Keane - Perfect Symmetry
Perfect Symmetry
  1. Spiralling
  2. The Lovers Are Losing
  3. Better Than This
  4. You Haven't Told Me Anything
  5. Perfect Symmetry
  6. You Don't See Me
  7. Again and Again
  8. Playing Along
  9. Pretend That You're Alone
  10. Black Burning Heart
  11. Love Is the End
  12. My Shadow (iTunes and Japanese Bonus Track)
  13. Time to Go (iTunes and Japanese Bonus Track)

Night Train (2010)Edit

Keane - Night Train
Night Train
  1. House Lights
  2. Back in Time
  3. Stop for a Minute (featuring K'naan)
  4. Clear Skies
  5. Ishin Denshin (You've Got to Help Yourself) (featuring Tigarah)
  6. Your Love
  7. Looking Back (featuring K'naan)
  8. My Shadow

Strangeland (2012)Edit

Keane - Strangeland
  1. You Are Young
  2. Silenced by the Night
  3. Disconnected
  4. Watch How You Go
  5. Sovereign Light Café
  6. On the Road
  7. The Starting Line
  8. Black Rain
  9. Neon River
  10. Day Will Come
  11. In Your Own Time
  12. Sea Fog
Deluxe Edition bonus tracks
  1. Strangeland
  2. Run with Me
  3. The Boys
  4. It's Not True

The Best of Keane (2013)Edit

Keane - The Best Of Keane
The Best of Keane
Disc One
  1. Everybody's Changing
  2. Somewhere Only We Know
  3. Bend and Break
  4. Bedshaped
  5. This Is the Last Time
  6. Atlantic
  7. Is It Any Wonder?
  8. Nothing in My Way
  9. Hamburg Song
  10. Crystal Ball
  11. A Bad Dream
  12. Try Again
  13. Spiralling
  14. Perfect Symmetry
  15. My Shadow
  16. Silenced by the Night
  17. Disconnected
  18. Sovereign Light Café
  19. Higher Than the Sun
  20. Won't Be Broken
Disc Two
  1. Snowed Under
  2. Walnut Tree
  3. Fly to Me
  4. To the End of the Earth
  5. The Way You Want It
  6. Something in Me Was Dying
  7. Allemande
  8. Let It Slide
  9. He Used to Be a Lovely Boy
  10. Thin Air
  11. The Iron Sea (Magic Shop Version)
  12. Maybe I Can Change
  13. Time to Go
  14. Staring at the Ceiling
  15. Myth
  16. Difficult Child
  17. Sea Fog (Live from Mexico City, August 2012)
  18. Russian Farmer's Song


  1. White Christmas (cover of "White Christmas" by Irving Berlin)
  2. Enjoy The Silence (cover of "Enjoy the Silence" by Depeche Mode)
  3. Early Winter (cover of "Early Winter" by Gwen Stefani)
  4. Your Song (cover of "Your Song" by Elton John)
  5. Disco 2000 (cover of "Disco 2000" by Pulp)
  6. The River (cover of "The River" by Bruce Springsteen)
  7. Cast No Shadow (cover of "Cast No Shadow" by Oasis)
  8. A Heart To Hold You
  9. Emily
  10. The Happy Soldier
  11. Maps
  12. More Matey
  13. New One
  14. The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore

Collaborations, Compilations and SoundtracksEdit

Other SongsEdit

The songs listed below should be split into albums. Please remove this section once this has been done. (more information)
  1. Stop For A Minute
  2. 1925
  3. Call Me What You Like
  4. Closer Now
  5. Cold Hands (Warm Heart)
  6. Dinner At 8
  7. Dirrtylicious
  8. Into The Light
  9. Rubbernecking
  10. She Has No Time ( Earlier Version )
  11. She Opens Her Eyes
  12. She Sells Sanctuary
  13. Smile
  14. This Is The Last Time - Jo Whiley Show (BBC Session 24/11/2004)
  15. Tiny Spark
  16. Tyderian
  17. Untitled 2
  18. What A Wonderful World
  19. With Or Without You - Jo Whiley Show (BBC Session 24/11/2004)
  20. Wolf At The Door
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