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Frankie & Johnny

This song is by Kazik and appears on the album Los się musi odmienić (2005).

Frankie and Johnny were lovers
Oh, Lordy, how they could love
They promise to be true to each other
Just as long as there were skies above
He was her man, and wouldn't do her wrong

Johnny said "I'm gonna leave you
I won't be gone very long
You wait right here honey
Don't you worry while I'm gone
I am your man, and wouldn't do you wrong"

Frankie went down to the bar
She went for a bucket of beer
Hey there, mister bartender
Has my loving Johnny been here?
He is my man, and wouldn't do me wrong

Well, 'wouldn't want cause you no trouble
But ain't gonna tell you a lie
Johnny left here about minute ago
With a blonde called Nellie Bly
He is your man, but he's been doing you wrong

Frankie went looking for Johnny
She didn't do it for fun
She sneaked right up behind the sheriff
And pinched his forty-four gun
He was her man, and he was doing her wrong

Frankie went down to the hotel
She rang that hotel bell (ding-dong!)
Stand back all you chippies
I'll blow you all to hell
I want my man, 'cause he's doing me wrong

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