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A Note from Your Wicked Son

This song is by Kayser and appears on the album Frame the World...Hang It on the Wall (2006).

Too drunk to sleep
Too cold to dream
But as I write these lines
I still hear your lies

You were never there
To ease the pain
You were never there
More than to bring me down

You were never there
When I held my breath
You were nveer there
In my talks with death
You sure did your best
To plant the dirt
Well I did my part
But you never dropped that guard

Well did you find relief
When you skipped away
Don't count me in
Don't expect me to show up
Don't expect me to attend
At your funeral

You woke my hate
You changed my fate
You choked my youth
You despise the truth

You live a lie
It drags you down
You woke my hate
And where it takes me
I don't know