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Album by Katzenjammer.
  1. A Kiss Before You Go (Live)
  2. Ouch! (Live)
  3. Demon Kitty Rag (Live)
  4. I Will Dance (When I Walk Away) (Live)
  5. To the Sea (Live)
  6. Rock-Paper-Scissors (Live)
  7. Lady Marlene (Live)
  8. Cherry Pie (Live)
  9. Mother Superior (Live)
  10. Land Of Confusion (Live)
  11. Loathsome M (Live)
  12. Cocktails and Ruby Slippers (Live)
  13. A Bar in Amsterdam (Live)
  14. Hey Ho on the Devil's Back (Live)
  15. Der Kapitän (Live)
  16. Le Pop (Live)
  17. God's Great Dust Storm (Live)
  18. Ain't No Thang (Live)
  19. Gypsy Flee (Live)

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