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This song is by Katie Graybeal and appears on the album Move Like Light (2004).

I've gotta get out of this room
I'm suffocating
Two hours in front of the tube
Another night waiting for you
And hesitating
That you can't pull through
I'm done staying here without you
There's make-up and pills and frills
Just like the movies
A dress that would easily kill
Red, black and scooping
Neck, like the goddess unfurled
And you are swooping
In to take you punch
Another bite another hunch
Step back 'cause you're on the wire
It's live and dying
Crazed as in summer-night fire
I can't help lying
To save myself
From this flirtation
It's understated
The grasp on
What I really want to say
Is take a good look
And kindly turn away, go read a good book
The longer that you stay
I'll be reliving this again
I've gotta get out of this room
Everything's new again
Just for a moment
You saw my red hair and grinned
And you were hopeless
I'll wait around till ten
But them I'm taking the first cab out of here
I've tried to save face and smile
Look how it's working
Vanity fades for a while
It's just like jerking
The bull by the horns and red
Little dress, fiery faking the stampede
I've gotta get out of this room