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​Last Night

This song is by Katie Graybeal and appears on the album Move Like Light (2004).

I whispered something in your ear last night
A somber accusal bared in your sight
The fears you are taming are losing thrust
Misused and restraining, making fun, fleeing and feeling...
Of being lost in your new world
Without my trust
You can maintain, that's not the point
You're gonna need someone
You whispered something in my ear last night
A subtle reminder of something I've saved for you
Wavering hesitation, I can't speak
Knowing the tempting it might bring
There will be times when we can't talk
There will be times when I will break
I can control, that's not the point
I will not control
I will be wrapped up in you tonight
Tangled in my dreams and discovering the way
To say...
This isn't where we started
But we have been changing
From the moment we began we've been rearranging