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Flipping Out

This song is by Katie Graybeal and appears on the album Move Like Light (2004).

What's with all this flipping
Like surfing channels, two hour phone calls
And flamingos on one leg
Feels like I'm double dipping, long distance shouting
And stealing someone's peg
You took my legos, my plastic sword
I used to fight with tailored words
Now in this battle
Riding side saddle
And if you come any closer
I'm gonna
Go get my gee aye jo figures
Lyte bryte made pictures
And my build myself a barrier
Christmas cartoons, are never funnier
When your 23
I sight some mystery
And then I jump on
Can't break this fall
I've seen the crack splitting
It's all coming down
Elated daydream
A child sweet stream
Of endless dreams and puddled hopes
They fade like clockwork
Until the next jerk
Is pulling at your toys
But I think I have toys
At 23
And then some

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