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​Finding Place

This song is by Katie Graybeal and appears on the album Move Like Light (2004).

As the day turns into night
When your heart fills with fright
As you begin to face the wall
As the dark prepares to fall
You start to think, who can you trust
You think of all, but you're still lost
As you begin to leave yourself
You reach out, but there's no help
Your soul is burning
You will have to face yourself
The fire is swirling around you
But you don't know what to do
You close your eyes
You hold your breath
But screaming just ain't workin' yet
You think of all your friends that went away
And you're wondering, "is this my day?"
There's no escaping
You will have to find yourself
The world is turning around you
Which path will you decide to use
You don't know how
You don't know why
But you have not come here to hide
This is the finding place you realize
This is where your fate resides
Your soul is searching
Just to find the secrets out
You turn your body around
And there they lie without a doubt