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Stubborn Love (1982)Edit

Kathy Troccoli - Stubborn Love
Stubborn Love
  1. You're All I Need To Get By
  2. Hand In Hand
  3. All I Must Do
  4. It's The Small Things
  5. Lord I Need You Now
  6. There's Still Time
  7. Once In A Lifetime Love
  8. Stubborn Love
  9. It's Your Love
  10. Love Of My Life

Heart And Soul (1984)Edit

Kathy Troccoli - Heart and Soul
Heart and Soul
  1. Long Distance Letter
  2. Yes And Know
  3. Bittersweetness
  4. Mighty Lord
  5. Open My Eyes
  6. Holy, Holy
  7. Hearts Of Fire
  8. I Belong To You
  9. Island Of Love

Images (1986)Edit

Kathy Troccoli - Images
  1. Ready And Willing
  2. Talk It Out
  3. Dream On
  4. Don't Wanna See You Down
  5. Chance Of A Lifetime
  6. Love Stays
  7. No Time For Love
  8. If Only
  9. Gotta Keep Dancin'

Pure Attraction (1991)Edit

Kathy Troccoli - Pure Attraction
Pure Attraction
  1. Everything Changes
  2. Can't Get You Out Of My Heart
  3. You've Got A Way
  4. Only Love Can Know
  5. Help Myself To You
  6. The Hard Days
  7. Love Was Never Meant To Die
  8. You And I
  9. Love Has Found Me Here
  10. You're Still Here

Kathy Troccoli (1994)Edit

Kathy Troccoli - Kathy Troccoli
Kathy Troccoli
  1. Just You
  2. Tell Me Where It Hurts
  3. If I'm Not In Love
  4. I'll Be There (For You)
  5. All Of My Life
  6. Takin' A Chance
  7. Mission Of Love
  8. Never My Love
  9. Fallin'
  10. My Life Is In Your Hands

Sounds Of Heaven (1995)Edit

Kathy Troccoli - Sounds of Heaven
Sounds of Heaven
  1. I Will Choose Christ
  2. That's How Much I Love You
  3. Go Light Your World
  4. Sounds Of Heaven
  5. Hallelujahs
  6. I'm Gonna Fight For You
  7. Each Moment
  8. Fill My Heart
  9. May I Be His Love
  10. Missing You

Love And Mercy (1997)Edit

Kathy Troccoli - Love and Mercy
Love and Mercy
  1. I Call Him Love
  2. Water Into Wine
  3. Love One Another
  4. How Would I Know
  5. A Baby's Prayer
  6. He'll Never Leave Me
  7. All Glory To God
  8. Faithful To Me
  9. Call Out To Me
  10. Help Me God

Corner Of Eden (1998)Edit

Kathy Troccoli - Corner of Eden
Corner of Eden
  1. A Different Road
  2. At Your Mercy
  3. He Will Make A Way
  4. Psalm 23
  5. Goodbye For Now
  6. We Will Know Love
  7. Fill Me Up
  8. Corner Of Eden
  9. When I Look At You
  10. Take Me With You

Love Has A Name (2000)Edit

Kathy Troccoli - Love Has a Name
Love Has a Name
  1. Parade
  2. Love Has A Name
  3. Break My Heart
  4. On My Way To You
  5. Live For The Lord
  6. God Said It
  7. All Is Well
  8. Hold Me While I Sleep
  9. Count On Me
  10. I Want To Know What Love Is

Other SongsEdit

  1. Heaven Knows
  2. Home For The Holidays
  3. Love Has Come
  4. Never Can Say Goodbye
  5. Only Always
  6. Psalm Twenty-Three
  7. You've Got A Friend

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