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Brent's Voice

This song is by Kathleen Edwards.

GO!, it's time for you to go
But you'll never be gone
With your years
Hear my radio tears
Hit the microphone

'Cause you were the soundtrack for the morning after
Regrettable sex and a bad hangover

Brent Bambury's voice

I moved
From Ottawa to
So that I
Could be closer to you
Eight years ago

And contest girl
And contest nana
Gave out bags to half of Canada

Brent Bambury's voice

Will go
It's time for you to go
But before you do
You gotta know
You're the jam on my toast
You're my comfortable shoes

And I printed out your picture from your web page
I stuck it on my pillow with a piece of tape
And Saturday mornings will never be the same

Brent Bambury's voice
Brent Bambury's voice

So go,
It's so sad to see you go
But you'll never be gone

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