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This Harp, Which I Wake Now For Thee

This song is by Katharine Blake and appears on the album Midnight Flower (2007).

'Tis believed that this harp, which I wake now for thee
Was a siren of old who sung under the sea
And who often at eve through the bright billows roved
To meet on the green shore a youth whom she loved

But she loved him in vain for he left her to weep
And in tears all the night her gold ringlets to steep
Till heav'n looked with pity on true love so warm
And changed to this soft harp the sea maiden's form

Still her bosom rose fair, still still her cheek smiled the same
While her sea beauties gracefully curled round the frame
And her hair shedding teardrops from all its bright rings
Fell over her white arms to make the gold strings

Hence it came that this soft harp, so long had been known
To mingle love's language with sorrow's sad tone
Till thou didst divide them and teach the fond lay
To be love when I'm near thee and grief when away

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