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Maiden Of The Mountain Deep

This song is by Katharine Blake and appears on the album Midnight Flower (2007).

But, oh, when shall the morrow be
That my true love shall waken?
When shall we meet, refined and free
Amid the moorland bracken?

Full low and lonely is thy bed
The worm flies o'er thy pillow
Where now the lips, so comely red
That kissed me 'neath the willow

Lie still, my love, lie still and sleep
Long is the night of sorrow
The maiden of the mountain deep
Shall meet you on the morrow

Though moons steal o'er an' seasons fly
On time's swift wing, unstaying
Yet there's a spirit in the sky
That lives o'er thy decaying

In domes beneath the water springs
No end hath thy sojourning
An' to this land of fading things
Far hence be thy returning

For spirits no have left the deep
Their long last farewell taken
Lie still my love lie still and sleep
The day is near the breaking

The mermaid o'er thy grave shall weep
Without one breath of scorning
Lie still my love lie still and sleep
And fare thee well till morning

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