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Frozen On The Moon

This song is by Katharine Blake and appears on the album Midnight Flower (2007).

Lullaby baby, over the sea
Lullaby, bring thy true love to me
Lullaby lazy, lullaby long
'Twill all be frozen on the morn

Lie with my hazy, lie with me long
Lie with me lest we both turn to stone
Lie with me while the oceans run free
'Twill all be silent on the morn

Lullaby moon is over the sky
Swim to me, darling, while liquid may fly
Sweet talking baebe, our waters run free
'Twill all be gone on the morn

Over and over and over again
Night of joy and jubilant pain
Lullaby baby, lullaby long
'Twill all be frozen on the morn

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