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Cold Blows The Wind

This song is by Katharine Blake and appears on the album Midnight Flower (2007).

"Cold blows the wind tonight, sweetheart, cold are the drops of rain
The one first love that ever I had in Geenwood he was slain
Now I have mourned upon his grave a twelve month and a day
I'll set my sail before the wind to waft me far away"

"What is it that you want from me and will not let me sleep?
Your salten tears, they trickle down my winding sheet to steep"
"Oh, I will now redeem the pledge, the pledge that once I gave
A kiss from off your lily white lips is all of you I crave"

"Cold are my lips in death, sweetheart, my breath is earthy strong
If you must touch my clay cold lips, your time will not be long"
Then through the mould he heaved his head and through the herbage green
There fell a frosted bramble leaf, it came their lips between

"Now if you were not true in word, as now I knew you be
I'd tear you as the withered leaves are torn from off the tree
And well for you that bramble leaf, betwixt our lips were flung
The living to the living hold dead to the dead belong

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