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​The Outlandish Knight

This song is by Kate Rusby and appears on the album Ghost (2014).

An outlandish knight came from the north lands
He courted a lady fair
He said he would take her to those northern lands
And there he would marry her

Go fetch some of your fathers gold
And some of your mothers fee
And two of the horses from out of the stables
Where there stands thirty and three

She's mounted on the lily white steed
And he the dapple gray
They've rode till they come unto the sea side
Three hours before it was day

Lights off Lights off, your lily white steed
Deliver it unto me
Six pretty maidens have I drowned here
And the seventh will surely be thee

Take off take off
Your silken gowns
Deliver them unto me
For I do feel that they are too fine
To rot in the sun salt sea.

If I take off my silken gowns
And turn your back on me
For it is not fitting that such a cruel world
A naked woman should see

And cut away the brambles so sharp
The brambles from of the brim
For I do feel that they'll tangle my hair
And scratch my tender skin

So he's turned his back all on the fair maid
And leant down over the brim
She's taken him by his slander waist
And tumbled him into the stream

Lie there, lie there, you false-hearted man,
Lie there instead of me,
For six pretty maidens have you drowned here
The seventh hath drown-ed thee.