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Silly Old Man

This song is by Kate Rusby and appears on the album Ghost (2014).

Come and I'll sing you a song of intent,
Concerning a silly old man,
Who went off to pay to the landlord his rent,
And into some trouble he ran.

For as he was riding along the green way,
A gentleman thief passed him by,
"I'm company sir, do you need me to stay?"
"Oh no" was the old man's reply.

"For as you can see I'm a silly old man,
I farm but a parcel of ground,
To the landlord I go" said the silly old man,
"To pay up my rent forty pound"

"But what if you meet with a highway man here,
Their numbers are many I'll bid",
"Oh I will not worry and I will not fear,
For inside my saddle it's hid".

And the two of them rode then as fast as they can,
'Til the gentleman thief up he sped,
"Oh stand and deliver you silly old man,
You should have stayed home in your bed".

But the old man was crafty and cunning and sly,
And long on this earth he had been,
His saddle he tossed o'er the hedge with a cry,
Saying "fetch it yourself you young fiend".

The thief being thirsty for silver and gold,
Was eager to get to the bags,
And he drew out his rusty old sword then so bold,
And chopped up the saddle to rags.

And the old man he jumped off his tired old horse,
And mounted the thief's horse astride,
And he gave her a kick to a gallop of course,
And away to the town he did ride.

When he came to the landlords he came with good cheer,
And never the story he told,
And the thief's bag he opened to buy them some beer,
It was brimming with silver and gold.

And the rent it was settled, the debt was made good,
The silly old man journeyed back,
And there in the lane his old mare she stood,
With nought but the hair on her back.

He loosened the mare then from where she was tied,
And gave her a slap with his whip,
Saying come along home now and stay by my side,
And off down the lane they did trip.

And when he was home there was joy and delight,
His daughter she dressed like a queen,
And his old wife she danced an old jig through the night,
So much money she never had seen.

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