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Ultra Music

This song is by Katchafire and appears on the album Say What You're Thinking (2007).

If you feel like somethings taking over
Overcome by some urge to groove
Feel the power in this mystic music
The solider music (Yeeeee eee ee)

Woohoo wooohooo woo ooh ooh
Let the music transport you

Woohoo Woooohoooo woo ooh ooh
Let the music take you there

I'm getting you in the mood (set it set it)
I'm setting the scene so its all right (Alriiigght)
Feeling overlley rude (ha)
So let's get it going its all right (All right)
Yeah its all right (all right)
It's all about the movement whoa the movement

Watch the rhythm go ____ (ah ah ah)
Deep up in ya soul (ah ah ah)
Its time to let it go (ah ah ah)
Temperature rising through the _______

If you feel like you just can't stop moving
Overcome by percussion and the groove
Katcha Fire got to keep on moving
The Solider music (yeeeee eee ee)

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