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This song is by Katchafire and appears on the album On The Road Again (2010).

May I pick a lilly from your daisies
May I see anybody from your way
May I be there when you want your sunrise
May I take a ring and put it in your hand

We've got to get back on that wagon keep the cool on
Don't let your feet drag on rise up don't let the world take it

Love your way
Love you to
Love your all
Loving you
Even when you don't let me come right up
Hang on and let me take right up

Love your name
Cause you do
For the truth
Even when you're ruling me King Title
Have it when me ring tied up

Any way I need you
Any me any you
Even when you're running me pigstye
How far from me quick dry up

Loving me
Cause you do
For the truth
One thing you doing me King title
Yes I have it when me ring tied up

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