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Hold On

This song is by Katchafire and appears on the album Say What You're Thinking (2007).

He never reach 27
He always look UN-friendly
Always supported the fighting
And he never did loose until that day
That day
Took the tip of that gun got his brain
He worked from Monday till Friday
Hands like concrete when ready
Took the family dinner on Wednesday
No body thought hed loose wordtell that day
I no he will be tripin on ma words
I'm singing to you

Hold on
Thers a solution
Out there
You got to let it take you
Back up and slow down
There's no easy way of turning back
Turning back
When your head is sideing
There's no
Easy way of turning back

He never told anybody
He was feeling unsteady
He didn't no that we love him
No body ever told him that its to late
I no he will be tripin on my words

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