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Time Stands Still

This song is by Karnataka and appears on the album Delicate Flame Of Desire (2003).

Is time standing still
Or is today in my imagination
Everything seems out of place
And it's so very cold, so very cold

I Had to come back
To see again the place that I remember
But even now I feel so small
I want to run away, to run way

A promise made of empty words lies broken at my feet

Time standing still
The ghosts of yesterday
Time standing still
If I could walk away

These walls must have seen
So many tears and much humiliation
Do they see me standing here
Now I'm home again, home again

A memory in every room, the ghost of yesterday

Took a chance of a lifetime
So that I could walk away
And it's where the story ends
If hope is reason
Then I'm determined to believe
I'll love again

My dreams turn to dust
Like fading lights ahead in the distance
Always running to keep up
But I'm so very tired, so very tired
Time standing still


Written by:

Ian Jones and Rachel Jones

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