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Delicate Flame Of Desire

This song is by Karnataka and appears on the album Delicate Flame Of Desire (2003).

Healing touch
The faith and the feeling that mean so much
In human kind
We see, we learn, we know and we believe, we believe

On different sides
It takes a lifetime to compromise
We take our strength
And understand, a lesson learned so well
We learned it well

Burning brighter
A hazy fascination
Divinity becoming complete
In all our dreams

Surely we will search and we'll find
All the love we need
For ever after
In years to come our paths may cross again
Our destiny

Burning brighter
A hazy fascination
Divinity becoming complete, yeah yeah
Inspiration and the harmony it brings
Shining and tangled in our dreams

Here's where we came in,
Waiting, for the story to begin
We know what it means.
Our worlds will collide
We dream of empty skies
Feel my energy
Take me as I am
When the tears run dry
Then our foolish pride will be a memory
Take me as I am

This rainbow never dies

Hear the sound
We've all come to know as we turn around
And look within
For a sign to show us
Something we can see
And we believe

In every truth we can't deny
Burns a delicate flame of desire
Is it true this rainbow never dies?


Written by:

Ian Jones and Rachel Jones

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