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To Those I Leave Behind

This song is by Karin Park and appears on the album Change Your Mind (2006).

I'm a fighter, I'm a man
I really gave you the best I had
But hey, the hero sometimes fails

I showed you dreams but you wanted proof
My fantasies don't hold the truth
I think I will be gone when you wake up

Cause this could never be
You know, my freedom means too much to me

To all of you I leave behind
I'll always keep you in my mind
We shouldn't weep, we shouldn't cry
See you in another life

I'm searching for another dream
I look for what I've never seen
So I, I have to say goodbye

I can't give you what you need
I tried to love but I have to leave, my friend
The stories we are told come to an end

Even though we can not be
You gave me memories I'll always keep

I need you to pass me by
Lets just do it with a smile

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