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One Moment

This song is by Karin Park and appears on the album Change Your Mind (2006).

I buy your love
You need the cash
A passionate kiss
In room number 5
Who are you
I'm running wild
Give me the gun
I point it at you

Don't say a word
I don't want to know
Why you're awake
Here in my room
It's so hot
Let's open up
The blood in my veins
Running around

Flowers on the table
Dusty in the sunlight
I listen to your breath

You are the one I've been aching for
One moment already begs for more
Some perfect stranger becomes my friend
Time runs so fast when you know the end

You've parked the car
The dirty wheels
Scream to the ground
Soon you'll be leaving
Kiss my hair
Before you go
Driving this road
Never again

Early in the morning
You're sleeping on my pillow
I listen to your breath

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