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Nothing Matters Now

This song is by Karin Park and appears on the album Change Your Mind (2006).

You are a loser, I am a weirdo
What do we have to say
This is a town where no one can hear us
But we don't have to stay
I need a friend
To kill the nights when
Dreams keep me awake
I have a car and you have a license
May be a chance to take

Come with me
Nothing matters now
We are here to lose what's found
Tonight you are only a child so
Come, nothing matters now
Anything you want is allowed
Get on the merry-go-round now
We can go and have some fun
Just spin your head round and round
And round before the ride hits the ground

Ever since I was 7 years old I
Have had this dream
To sneak into a fun fair at night and
Have a ride for free
And in the dark
I could pretend
That I was someone else
You could be there too
Start up the engine
Of the carousel

This is the night
When everything's for free
When you can have
Everything you see
This is the night
It will never come again
A pleasure ground
A weirdo and her friend

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