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No One Is Gonna Love You More

This song is by Karin Park and appears on the album Change Your Mind (2006).

You don't like your shape
I hear you saying
I wonder what it takes
How much you can swallow
Stretch it a little longer
A little debt for physical distress

You want to make a change
Your head is burning
But you just shut your face
Making me turn away
Scratch your knees
Your feet are dancing
Don't need a face
Like everybody else

Change your face for attention, does it give what it takes you
Lose yourself in the mirror, I won't ever forget you
Haven't you lost your fight, a little to big a surprise
You go to sleep and you wake up as someone else

But who am I to say
Don't be ashamed
I just want you to stay
And fit in your name
Hold your breath
I love you smiling
Don't go away
I love you just that way

No one's gonna love you more

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