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This song is by Karin Park and appears on the album Change Your Mind (2006).

Hey babe, say what is your name
Why are you here, I see you're drinking a beer or two
Big crowd, yeah, the club is really busy
I'm finding it hard to breathe in here
I can't really tell what you're trying to say so
Why don't we just run away together

So follow me, leave your mind turned off
In crocodile town, I'm drying your eyes and say;

Show me what's your masterpiece
Are you here to find love
Are you here to find your soul
Looks like you are needing it
And if you find love
If you find it don't let go

I'll tell you about the park
Where I usually hide, just watching the stars above
Hang out, meet the morning of the city
And I have a bike that we can ride
Go anywhere, and if we like it there we stay
Let's stop for a muffin and a coffee

And you can fill my lungs with the air you breathe
I paint you a dream, and make it for real
So why don't you just come and get it

I'll give you what you cannot take
Something that keeps time awake
Spend the night with me
Tell me the truth
Are you dying for a heartache
For a big mistake

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