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This song is by Karin Park and appears on the album Change Your Mind (2006).

Demola made his shot
He said I'm never gonna get caught again
I have been trying to give away my soul
But I couldn't find the right thing to give it for

I wonder who is lucky to get his weight
'Cause I can see he's lost it and it's way too late
To wonder why he did it and he can't regret
Too bad there are memories we can not forget

He is the end of the story
He's the center of the world
He's gonna wake up one morning
Smile for us, glorious

Demola took the chance
Of course 'cause he's never been touched, he danced
He made it up to heaven on his longest walk
I only think he should have been nice and gone alone

He left me with this feeling
I never was enough
He wanted me to see him
But he made me blind, he made me blind