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Superworldunknown (2003)Edit

Karin Park - Superworldunknown
  1. Superworldunknown
  2. Wear My Skin
  3. Fill It Up
  4. Lucy's Heart
  5. Brightest Day
  6. I Promise to Be Happy
  7. On My Way
  8. How Can I Lose
  9. Take This Love
  10. Stockholm Snow

Change Your Mind (2006)Edit

Karin Park - Change Your Mind
Change Your Mind
  1. No One Is Gonna Love You More
  2. The Bachelorette
  3. Masterpiece
  4. Leave Your Pain With Me
  5. One Moment
  6. Perfect Catastrophe
  7. Demola
  8. Nothing Matters Now
  9. To Those I Leave Behind
  10. Change Your Mind

Ashes to Gold (2009)Edit

Karin Park - Ashes to Gold
Ashes to Gold
  1. Out of the Cage
  2. Black
  3. Babylon
  4. Can't Stop Now
  5. Jungle Woman
  6. Desire
  7. You & I
  8. Red Horses
  9. Ashes
  10. Bedtime for the Children
  11. Gold

Highwire Poetry (2012)Edit

Karin Park - Highwire Poetry
Highwire Poetry
  1. Restless
  2. Fryngies
  3. Tension
  4. Tiger Dreams
  5. New Era
  6. Wildchild
  7. Explosions
  8. 6000 Years
  9. Thousand Loaded Guns
  10. Bending Albert's Law

Apocalypse Pop (2015)Edit

Karin Park - Apocalypse Pop
Apocalypse Pop
  1. Look What You've Done
  2. Shine
  3. Life Is Just a Dream
  4. Stick to the Lie
  5. Whipped Cream, Silver and Pearls
  6. Opium
  7. Human Beings
  8. Daemons
  9. Hard Liquor Man
  10. Walls Are Gonna Fall
  11. Shake With the Devil
  12. Hurricane (featuring Pandora Drive)

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Years active:

2003 - present

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