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That's The Bad Thing About A Good Memory

This song is by Karen Staley and appears on the album Fearless (1998).

Starin' in the fire on a cold December night
I swear I see your face in the blue ember light
I know you'd be here with me
If I'd only done you right

But it's just me and an old flame
Alone in the dark just like this torch
I carry burnin' in my heart
It's never gone out
Through the years we've been apart

That's the bad thing about a good memory
It won't let you forget no it won't set you free
It's just haunts you eternally
That's the bad thing about a good, a good memory

I recall each moment like it was yesterday
Your sweet and gentle smile, you're easy going way
God, how I regret the things I didn't say

But the ones I did never slip my mind
I told you that I'd love you until the end of time
I thought that it would fade
But it's showing no sign


Written by:

Karen Ruth Staley

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