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God Is In Control (Extended Version)

This song is by Karen Staley and appears on the album Fearless (1998).

Well, sometimes I look around afraid of what I see
So much hate and anger, greed and misery
In the war for souls, it seems like Satan's in the lead
But I know God is in control

There's no valley so deep that He's not deeper still
If you can't climb the mountain He'll just move the hill
There's joy in the journey when you walk in His will
And know that God is in control

God is in control, God is in control
When all hope is gone and the devil's got a hold
Trust the One who saved your soul
Know God is in control

In these troubled times pray with all your might
He will give you strength to stand for what is right
Now more than ever you've got to be a light
And show the world God is in control

When you hear a baby cryin'
God is in control
When you watch a loved one dyin'
When the flood waters keep risin'
When you're sick and tired of tryin'

He's got you and me brother in His hand
He's got you and me sister in His hand
He's got the little bitty baby in His hand
He's got the world in His hand


Written by:

Karen Ruth Staley

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