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Breakin' All The Rules

This song is by Karen Staley and appears on the album Fearless (1998).

Well, I've always been a rebel
Gone against the grain
I tell it to ya on the level
Use my heart to guide my brain

I don't hold on to tradition
I don't follow nobody else
I'm makin' it my mission
To be strong enough to be myself

Yeah, I'm breakin' all the rules
Doin' it my way, anyway I choose
When the lord made me he only made one
Always walked to a different drum

I've fought the will so I'll find a way
Pay no mine to what people say
You can call me a dreamer, call me a fool
But this girl's breakin' all the rules

Well, I had to learn to be tough
I watched my dreams crash to the ground
But if you pray and believe enough
Nothin' on this earth can hold ya down

So when you tell me I can't do it
Well you better understand
When I set my mind to it
There ain't no doubt I can


Written by:

Karen Ruth Staley

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