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Ursa Minor

This song is by Kanute and appears on the album Ursa Minor (2014).

I have to say you made me forget myself
Not one to fall upon my sword
It's not like I will crumble I had a choice
Forgive me if I throw my toys

Keep my chest close to my heart
Move my pieces back to start
Back away politely and play my part
Play my part, play my part
You broke this heart, you broke this heart
You broke this heart

I cannot shake the feeling that life would be
Greener on your other side
It's not like you can change me I'm set in lines
Forgive me if I run and hide

You were gone too long
You were gone

Concede defend, pray to beat
This aching need
Grows in me

Concede defeat and pray to beat
This aching seed that grows in me

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