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This song is by Kaleidoscope and appears on the album Incredible! (1969).

Oh, the cuckoo she's a pretty bird
And she warbles as she flies.
And she never has a sad word
Till the 4th day of July.
She just sucks on pretty flowers
Just to keep her voice so clear.
And she never hollers cuckoo
Till the last day of the year.
Take it.

I'm a viper and I like her
And her name is Mary Jane.
Makes no matter how you love her
You know she'll do ya just the same.
Here today, she's gone tomorrow
But where she's bound no tongue can tell.
But she'll leave you without your sorrow
For just a godspeed and faretheewell.
Walk on.

I'm a soldier in the army
And I'm fighting a stranger's war.
All them bullets try to find me
They don't seem to care, babe, what I'm here for.
We've got the time now for one more kiss now
Then I must be on my way.
Let's make love now till the sunrise
When there's nothin' more to say.

Do Do Do Do Do Oh Oh
Do Do Do Do Do Oh Oh
Do Do Do Do Do Oh Oh Oh Oh

Do Do Do Do Do Oh Oh
Do Do Do Do Do Oh Oh
Do Do Do Do Do Oh Oh Oh Oh


Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

Notes: I'm not sure about the fifth line in the second verse, but it makes sense with the lines that follow. I've even asked David Lindley, who was Kaleidoscope's lead guitarist, about it and he said that it has been so many years since he performed this version he couldn't remember.
Also, for years I thought the second line in the third verse was, "And I'm fighting the straighter's war." I'm sure it's "a stranger's war," but I still like the intimation of my misunderstanding.

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