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Open those eyes and tell me the things you can see
I want to know everything about love
Sigh painfully and firmly step onto the bittersweet sand
Towards the kingdom of excitement

Back and forth I wrap myself around you inside of a nap
I also thought that boredom was okay
Now little by little, my wavering heart
Confusedly began to waver
I want to show it only to you

Because what you gave me
Was surely a magic kiss
I got lost in the midst of time
Open your lonely eyes
In our own world
To an awakening fantasia
We can write
An endless story

You are similar to me in a different way
I want to know about the types of love
We sigh painfully and finally become one
The throbbing sound of waves inside of our chests

Into the sea of tears
Into the loosened darkness
Before long, the rain will bring
The first light

Within your arms that I draw close to
Within your voice
Very soon the dream will end
And dawn will break

A song of chaos, brilliance and hesitation
Dye the daybreak of love silver
Yet my nap is lingering
In my chest, the bright voice I hear now
Opens up the flowers

The music I’m finding now
Inside your heart
Got lost in the midst of time
Breaking the magic of loneliness
The darkness of a sleeping world
To an awakening fantasia
Because a miracle exists here
Your tender eyes