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Everybody Loves You (2003)Edit

Kaki King - Everybody Loves You

Everybody Loves You

  1. Kewpie Station
  2. Steamed Juicy Little Bun
  3. Carmine St.
  4. Night After Sidewalk
  5. Happy As a Dead Pig in the Sunshine
  6. The Exhibition
  7. Close Your Eyes and You'll Burst into Flames
  8. Joi
  9. Everybody Loves You
  10. Fortuna
Bonus tracks on download release
  1. The Government
  2. L Train, 1st Ave: Low
  3. Kewpie Station (Version 2)
  4. Steamed Juicy Little Duck

Legs to Make Us Longer (2004)Edit

Kaki King - Legs To Make Us Longer

Legs to Make Us Longer

  1. Frame
  2. Playing with Pink Noise
  3. Ingots
  4. Doing the Wrong Thing
  5. Solipsist
  6. Neanderthal
  7. Can the Gwot Save Us?
  8. Lies
  9. All the Landslides Birds Have Seen Since the Beginning of the World
  10. Magazine
  11. My Insect Life/Nails

...Until We Felt Red (2006)Edit

Kaki King - …until We Felt Red

...Until We Felt Red

  1. Yellowcake
  2. ...Until We Felt Red
  3. You Don't Have to Be Afraid
  4. Goby
  5. Jessica
  6. First Brain
  7. I Never Said I Love You
  8. Ahuvati
  9. These Are the Armies of the Tyrannized
  10. Second Brain
  11. Soft Shoulder
  12. Footsteps Die Out Forever
  13. Gay Sons of Lesbian Mothers
Bonus track on iTunes release
  1. Brazilian

Dreaming of Revenge (2008)Edit

Kaki King - Dreaming Of Revenge

Dreaming of Revenge

  1. Bone Chaos in the Castle
  2. Life Being What It Is
  3. Sad American
  4. Pull Me Out Alive
  5. Montreal
  6. Open Mouth
  7. So Much for So Little
  8. Saving Days in a Frozen Head
  9. Air and Kilometers
  10. Can Anyone Who Has Heard This Music Really Be a Bad Person?
  11. 2 O'Clock
Bonus track on iTunes release
  1. I Need a Girl Who Knows a Map
Bonus track on UK release
  1. Zeitgeist

Junior (2010)Edit

Kaki King - Junior


  1. The Betrayer
  2. Spit It Back in My Mouth
  3. Everything Has an End, Even Sadness
  4. Falling Day
  5. The Hoopers of Hudspeth
  6. My Nerves That Committed Suicide
  7. Communist Friends
  8. Hallucinations from My Poisonous German Streets
  9. Death Head
  10. Sloan Shore
  11. Sunnyside

Other SongsEdit

  1. Bari Improv
  2. Ritual Dance

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