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​My Scars

This song is by Kaishakunin and appears on the album Kaishakunin EP (2007) and on the album Zur Vernunft Begabter Mensch (2009).

My Scars

I have got the scars to prove it, I have the marks - I chose it.
I dit it all for you, lost friends and family, for you, for you, for no one else.
I almost lost everything because of trusting you.
Now I know what you just took apart.
You ripped it out, my lovin' heart, just gave it back to me, left the same way you'd come.
You killed me without ever feeling guilty for it
- LOVE - you didn't love me - TRUST - you're not worth it - LIES -
I heart plenty of those. Now I see you dropped your disguise.
Why couldn't I see your lies? If I known what you were up to, I would have turned my back on you.
You lied, you cheated on me. I should never have trusted you...
Why'd this sad story end with my heart torn apart?
Why'd this sad story end with my friends bruised by my behaviour?
Why was I blind 'though everyone told me that you're going o break me.
You lied to me from first to last.
Now I see it, 'cause you dropped your disguise.
You lied to me from first to last...