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Chasing James Dean

This song is by KaiL Baxley and appears on the album A Light That Never Dies (2015).

He don't know where to begin
He can't seem to win for losing
It's all so familiar now
Hearts drunk and broken down
Gotta pocket full of hell and a plan for the weekend

Say now
Sometimes you'll dance for the devil my son
It's hard to make the music start
Just me james dean and a man who loves both
Live fast die young
Don't ever stay blue

Jah never rescues a man
Ain't no man a livin' gonna make it make sense
It's hard to believe it now
Couldn't see him reachin' out
Bet I'll never let another one slip through my hands

Didn't ever really live in the end
Broken man's hole
And a wall full of demons
Not a single tear he cried
Just a boy drunk with pride
Just mr. Hemingway and a shotgun applied (reply?)


Written by:

Kail Baxley

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