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Giapponese A Roma (1995)Edit

Kahimi Karie - Giapponese A Roma
Giapponese A Roma
  1. Giapponese A Roma
  2. I Am A Kitten

Larme de Crocadile (1997)Edit

Kahimi Karie - Larme De Crocadile
Larme de Crocadile
  1. Alcohol
  2. Superfreak
  3. David Hamilton
  4. Electorophone
  5. Paris, Texas
  6. Lolitapop Dollhouse
  7. Tiny King Kong
  8. Cat from the Future
  9. 私の人生、人生の夏
  10. Les leçons de français

Kahimi Karie (1998)Edit

Kahimi Karie - Kahimi Karie
Kahimi Karie
  1. Good Morning World
  2. Candyman
  3. Elastic Girl
  4. Mike Alway's Diary
  5. Le Roi Soleil
  6. Take It Easy My Brother Charlie
  7. Zoom Up!
  8. Serieux Comme Le Plaisir
  9. Lolitapop Dollhouse
  10. Dis-Moi Quelque Chose Avant De Dormir
  11. When You Close Your Eyes

K.K.K.K.K. (1998)Edit

Kahimi Karie - KKKKK
  1. One Thousand 20th Century Chairs
  2. What Are You Wearing
  3. Qu'est-ce que tu veux?
  4. Clip-Clap
  5. Kahimi Karie et moi
  6. Harmony Korine
  7. The Harder They Come
  8. The Symphonies of Beethoven
  9. Orly-Narita
  10. What Is Blue?
  11. Kahimi au téléphone
  12. What Are You Wearing (remix)
  13. The Symphonies Of Beethoven (remix)
  14. Orly-Narita (remix)
  15. One Thousand 20th Century Chairs (remix)

Tilt (2000)Edit

Kahimi Karie - Tilt
  1. I Can't Wait For Summer
  2. Je Dormais Sous La Neige
  3. Sleepwalking
  4. Pygmalism
  5. Ice Age Train
  6. Dear Boy
  7. Do You Know the Time?
  8. Metaphors
  9. ?
  10. (We'll Go) Separate Ways
  11. けむり
  12. Happy Birthday What Am I For?
  13. Lila's Theme

K.K. Works 1998-2000 (2001)Edit

K.K. Works 1998-2000 (2001)
K.K. Works 1998-2000 (2001)
  1. Tilt (remixed by Sunshine Fix)
  2. What Are You Wearing?
  3. What Are You Wearing? (remixed by Shinco)
  4. Sleepwalking
  5. Pygmalism (remixed by Optiganally Yours)
  6. Thurtle Song
  7. Clip Clap
  8. Mistaken Memories of Medieval Manhattan
  9. Harmony Korine
  10. Dear Boy (remixed by Tone Twilight Buhaina Encores)
  11. Do You Know the Time?
  12. Metaphors
  13. The Symphonies of Beethoven
  14. Orly-Narita (remixed by Buffalo Daughter)
  15. I Can't Wait for Summer
  16. Lost In a Paris Nightclub

Other SongsEdit

  1. A Fantastic Moment
  2. Itsuwari No Koi -Ai No (L'Amour)
  3. Journey To The Centre Of Me
  4. The Lady Of Shalott

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