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Fast (Like A Nascar)

This song is by Kafani.

(keak da sneek)
Kafani Baby


Fast like a nascar nascar nascar nascar (8x)

Fast like a nascar, ice like a superstar, up and down the boulevard: i get gooda man, you ain't fast like my 3 point shoota man, 21's on my 351 'cuda man, i get stupid dumb diddy dumb, ice king baby and i have plenty fun, i go 18, since i was 18, i got more chains then a nigga from the A-Team: sideshows ghost ride the whip, hey lil mama go shake them hips go shake them hips what it do ridin glass ice 24's on the shoes


Fast like a nascar nascar nascar nascar (8x)

(Keak da sneek)
Fasssst side ways this way that way with a gallon of that muthafukin tanquera.y on my way to get the cut dawg lift slappin cross floss on this saw it on this what yo i really go the money in the dime piece brizzle spruo for head fo women how are you chick chukes its time to introduce nah stop im not interview sperate for my money yo ima take it to the turn its my world im just crawling in her


Fast like a nascar nascar nascar nascar (8x)

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