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空を飛べたら… (Sora wo Tobetara…, If I Could Fly in the Sky…) (2000)Edit

Kotoko - Sora Wo Tobetara
  1. ミルク (Milk)
  2. 疾風雲 (Hayategumo, Whirlwind Clouds)
  3. PhuLa PhuLa
  4. カナリヤ (Canaria, Canary)
  5. 鼓動 (Kodou, Palpitation)
  6. もしも… (Moshimo…, If…)
  7. ゆうえんち (Yuuenchi, Amusement Park)
  9. アスピリン (Aspirin)
  10. 羽 (Hane, Wings)
  11. 春色 (Haruiro, Spring Colored)

Starry Crystal (2003)Edit

Kotoko - Starry Crystal - Fiasse Crystela COMPILATION ALBUM
Starry Crystal
  1. Trust You're Truth 〜明日を守る約束〜 (Ashita wo Mamoru Yakusoku, Promise to Protect Tomorrow)
  2. inside of a wilderness
  3. My Gentle Days (Rhythmic ver)
  4. Bright wings
  5. Sweet Songs ever with you
  6. inside of a wilderness (Midnight Calling ver)
  7. My Gentle Days

羽-hane- (2004)Edit

Kotoko - Hane
  1. Introduction
  2. Asura
  3. 冬の雫 (Fuyu no Shizuku, Droplets of Winter)
  4. 疾風雲 (Hayategumo, Whirlwind Clouds)
  5. Gratitude 〜大きな栗の木の下で〜 (Ooki na Kuri no Ki no Shita de, Under a Large Chestnut Tree)
  6. 幻影 (Gen'ei, Illusion)
  7. 痛いよ (Itai yo, It Hurts)
  8. ひとりごと (Hitorigoto, Soliloquy)
  9. 声が届くなら (Koe ga Todoku Nara, If My Voice Is to Be Heard)
  10. Lament
  11. 足あと (Ashiato, Footprint)
  12. 羽 (Hane, Wings)
  13. カナリヤ (Canaria, Canary) - SORMA No.3 Re-mix -

硝子の靡風 (2005)Edit

Kotoko - Garasu No Kaze
  2. Wing my Way
  3. 覚えてていいよ (Oboete'te Ii yo, You Can Keep Remembering)
  4. ため息クローバー (Tameiki Clover, Sighing Clover)
  5. Meconopsis
  6. ささくれ (Sasakure, Splinter)
  7. 琥珀 (Kohaku, Amber)
  8. Re-sublimity
  9. 硝子の靡風 (Garasu no Kaze, Glass Wind)
  10. 421-a will-
  11. Free Angels
  12. β-粘土の惑星 (Beta-Nendo no Hoshi, Beta-Clay Planet)
  13. 赤い玉、青い玉 (Akai Tama, Aoi Tama, Red Ball, Blue Ball)

UZU-MAKI (2006)Edit

Kotoko - Uzu-Maki
  1. Introduction
  3. サイダー (Cider)
  4. 春 (Haru, Spring)
  5. 車窓の調べ (Shasou no Shirabe, Melody From a Car Window)
  6. 月夜の舞踏会 (Tsukiyo no Butoukai, Moonlit Ball)
  7. 海豚 (Iruka, Dolphin)
  8. 秋爽 (Shuusou, Refreshing Autumn Air)
  9. 縁どりの世界 (Fuchidori no Sekai, Border World)
  10. 楓の道、ギターの奏でる丘で (Kaede no Michi, Guitar no Kanaderu Oka de, Maple Street, At a Hill Playing Guitar)
  11. being
  12. Goodbye Dear
  13. 雪華の神話 (Sekka no Shinwa, Legend of Snowflakes) -in X'mas mix-

イプシロンの方舟 (Epsilon no Fune, Ark of Epsilon) (2009)Edit

Kotoko - epsilon
  1. ε~Epsilon~
  2. リアル鬼ごっこ (Real Onigokko, Real Game of Tag)
  3. -∞-DRIVE
  4. scene
  5. 雨とギター (Ame to Guitar, Rain and Guitar)
  6. 限界打破 (Genkai Daha, Breaking Limits)
  7. モネラの絆 (Monera no Kizuna, Bonds of Monera)
  8. ハヤテのごとく! (Hayate no Gotoku!, Like a Gust of Wind!)
  9. RI←SU→KU
  11. Geoglyphs
  12. BLAZE
  13. LITTLE BABY NOTHING (cover of "Little Baby Nothing" by Manic Street Preachers)


Kotoko - Anime's Compilation Best
  1. Re-sublimity
  2. 地に還る 〜on the Earth〜 (Chi ni Kaeru, Returning to the Earth)
  3. Face of Fact -RESOLUTION Ver.-
  4. being
  5. Chercher 〜シャルシェ〜 (Chercher, Searching)
  6. きれいな旋律 (Kirei na Senritsu, Pretty Melody)
  7. ハヤテのごとく! (Hayate no Gotoku!, Like a Gust of Wind!)
  8. 七転八起☆至上主義! (Shichitenhakki Shijoushugi!, The Suprematism of Always Rising After a Fall!)
  9. BLAZE
  10. Special Life!
  11. daily-daily Dream

OUTER (2011)Edit

Outer - Outer
  1. Ha!!!ppiness -Album ver.-
  2. Synthetic Organism
  4. L.A.M -laze and meditation-
  5. Leave me hell alone -Album ver.-
  6. Dirty Boots
  7. easy prey
  8. Bullshit!! Hard problem!!

ヒラく宇宙ポケット (Hiraku Uchuu Pocket, Opening the Universe's Pocket) (2011)Edit

Kotoko - ヒラく宇宙ポケット
  1. TR∀NSFoRM
  2. ☆-未来-列車-☆ (Mirai Ressha, Future Train)
  3. メーテルリンク (Maeterlinck)
  4. ラブレター (Love Letter)
  5. 青いジープで (Aoi Jeep de, On a Blue Jeep)
  6. mirror garden
  7. Command+S
  8. Χ-kai-
  9. サ・ヨ・ナ・・・ラ (SA.YO.NA…RA, G.OO.D…BYE)
  10. beat
  11. 聞こえる (Kikoeru, Hearing)
  12. 開け!ソラノオト (Hirake! SORA NO OTO, Open! SOUNDS OF THE SKY)
  13. 地球-TERRA- (Chikyuu, Earth)

空中パズル (Kuuchuu Puzzle, Sky's Puzzle) (2013)Edit

Kotoko - 空中パズル
  1. My-Les
  2. WING OF ZERO -the ring-
  3. 空中パズル (Kuuchuu Puzzle, Sky's Puzzle)
  4. frozen fir tree
  5. Light My Fire
  6. 黙れよ、ピーター (Damare yo Peter, Shut Up Peter)
  7. SHOOT! -KOTOKO ver.-
  9. Rock☆DE フルーツバスケット♪ (Rock DE FRUITS BASKET)
  10. サクラノアメモエギノヨ (Sakura no Ame Moegi no yo, The Cherry Blossom Rain is Light Yellow Green)
  11. Loop-the-Loop
  12. リスタート (Restart)
  13. P◇liG△n
  14. →unfinished→ -Album ver.-

Bonus Track

  1. →unfinished→ -English Version-


  1. 覚えてていいよ (2004) c/w DuDiDuWa*lalala
  2. Re-sublimity (2004) c/w agony and Suppuration-core-
  3. 地に還る 〜on the Earth〜 (2005)
  4. 421-a will- (2005) c/w 秋爽 (Shuusou, Refreshing Autumn Air)
  5. being (2006) c/w 雪華の神話 (Sekka no Shinwa, Legend of Snowflakes)
  6. Chercher 〜シャルシェ〜 (2006) c/w 月夜の舞踏会 (Tsukiyo no Butoukai, Moonlit Ball)
  7. きれいな旋律 (2007) c/w rush
  8. ハヤテのごとく! (2007) c/w 泣きたかったんだ (Nakitakattan'da, I Wanted to Cry)
  9. 七転八起☆至上主義! (2007) c/w scene
  10. リアル鬼ごっこ (2007) c/w siren
  11. BLAZE (2008) c/w Sociometry
  12. Special Life! (2008) c/w capriccio〜心はいつも曇りのち晴れ〜 (Kokoro wa Itsumo Kumori Nochi Hare, My Heart is Always Clear After Being Cloudy)
  13. 蒼-iconoclast/PIGEON-the green-ey'd monster (2009) c/w PIGEON-the green-ey'd monster
  14. daily-daily Dream (2009) c/w Message
  15. SCREW (2009) c/w BUCCANEER
  16. 碧羅の天へ誘えど (2010) c/w デジタルスネイル (Digital Snail)
  17. Loop-the-Loop (2010) c/w 雷鳴が鳴く頃 (Raimei ga Naku Koro, When the Thunder Sounds)
  18. Light My Fire (2011) c/w Candy or Chocolate?
  19. →unfinished→ (2012) c/w サクラノアメモエギノヨ (SAKURA NO AME MOEGI NO YO, THE CHERRY BLOSSOM RAIN IS LIGHT YELLOW GREEN)
  20. リスタート (2012) c/w Largo
  21. TOUGH INTENTION (2014) c/w ARCH
  22. ZoNE-iT (2014) c/w call

Other SinglesEdit

  1. 夢を求めて… (2001): 夢を求めて… (Yume wo Motomete…, Seeking a Dream…)
  2. LOVE A RIDDLE/I can't get over your best smile (2001): LOVE A RIDDLE c/w I can't get over your best smile
  3. hitorigoto (2001)
  4. Shooting Star (2002): Shooting Star
  5. Second Flight (2003): Second Flight with 佐藤ひろ美
  6. Face of Fact -RESOLUTION Ver.- (2006)
  7. U make 愛 dream (2008): U make 愛 dream (Ai, Love)
  8. snIpe (2009): snIpe c/w Close to me… -I'VE in BUDOKAN 2009 Live Ver.-
  9. 回帰新星 -recurrent nova- (2013): 回帰新星 -recurrent nova- c/w 夏風ノスタルジア (Natsukaze Nostalgia)

Songs From I've's Compilation AlbumsEdit

  1. a piacere from EXTRACT
  2. absurd from I've MANIA Tracks Vol.II
  3. Abyss from COLLECTIVE
  4. Belvedia (cover of "Belvedia" by SHIHO) from The Front Line Covers
  5. *bloom* from LEVEL OCTAVE
  6. blossomdays from SHORT CIRCUIT III
  7. bumpy-Jumpy! from EXTRACT
  8. CAVE from I've MANIA Tracks Vol.II
  9. Change my Style 〜あなた好みの私に〜 (Anatagonomi no Watashi ni, To Me Who's Liked By You) from SHORT CIRCUIT
  10. Collective from COLLECTIVE
  11. Crash Course〜恋の特別レッスン〜 (Koi no Tokubetsu Lesson, Special Love Lesson) with 詩月カオリ from SHORT CIRCUIT III
  12. Cream+Mint from SHORT CIRCUIT
  13. cross up from I've MANIA Tracks Vol.III
  14. Crossed Destiny from I've MANIA Tracks Vol.I
  15. Double HarmoniZe Shock!! with 詩月カオリ from SHORT CIRCUIT II
  16. Fatally from I've MANIA Tracks Vol.II
  17. Feel in tears from LAMENT
  18. flow ~水の生まれた場所~ (Mizu no Umareta Basho, The Place Water Was Born) from disintegration
  19. FLY TO THE TOP (cover of "Fly To The Top" by MELL) from TRIBAL LINK
  20. HALLUCINO -Remix- from I've MANIA Tracks Vol.I
  21. Heart of Hearts from OUT FLOW
  22. I need magic〜解けないマジ☆キュン♪〜 (Tokenai Majikyun, Unbroken Magikyun) from SHORT CIRCUIT III
  23. I pray to stop my cry from I've MANIA Tracks Vol.III
  24. Imaginary affair from COLLECTIVE
  25. IMMORAL (cover of "Immoral" by 川田まみ) from TRIBAL LINK
  26. jihad from EXTRACT
  27. La clef〜迷宮の鍵〜 (Meikyuu no Kagi, The key~Labyrinth Key~) from EXTRACT
  28. Leaf ticket from EXTRACT
  29. Lilies line from SHORT CIRCUIT III
  30. loose from I've MANIA Tracks Vol.III
  31. Lupe from COLLECTIVE
  32. Magical Sweetie from SHORT CIRCUIT
  33. Mighty Heart 〜ある日のケンカ、いつもの恋心〜 (Aruhi no KENKA, Itsumo no Koigokoro, One Day's FIGHT, Love As Usual) from SHORT CIRCUIT II
  34. oblivion from EXTRACT
  35. philosophy -Proto type Mix- (cover of "Philosophy" by Momo) from I've MANIA Tracks Vol.I
  36. Presto from LEVEL OCTAVE
  37. prime with AKI from Dear Feeling
  38. prime -"thank you" and "from now"- from I've MANIA Tracks Vol.II
  39. Princess Brave! from SHORT CIRCUIT II
  40. Princess Bride! from SHORT CIRCUIT II
  41. resolution of soul from disintegration
  42. Restoration 〜沈黙の空〜 (Chinmoku no Sora, Silent Sky) from EXTRACT
  43. SAVE YOUR HEART -Album Mix- with 詩月カオリ from LAMENT
  44. See You 〜小さな永遠〜 (Chiisa na Eien, A Small Eternity) with I've Special Unit from I've MANIA Tracks Vol.I
  45. sensitive from OUT FLOW
  46. Short Circuit from SHORT CIRCUIT
  47. Stars Biscuit from SHORT CIRCUIT III
  48. Swift Love〜健全男子にモノ申す〜 (Kenzen Danshi ni MONO Mousu, Saying IT to a Wholesome Youth) from SHORT CIRCUIT III
  49. Time heals all sorrows from I've MANIA Tracks Vol.I
  50. Undying Love from EXTRACT
  51. We Survive from COLLECTIVE
  52. YA・KU・SO・KU (P.RO.MI.SE) from I've MANIA Tracks Vol.II
  53. You're My Treasure with AKI & RIMIKKA as TWINKLE from SHORT CIRCUIT
  54. あちちな夏の物語 (Achichi na Natsu no Monogatari, A Hot Summer Tale) from SHORT CIRCUIT
  55. はじめまして、恋。 (Hajimemashite, Koi., How Do You Do, Love.) from SHORT CIRCUIT II
  56. きゅるるんKissでジャンボ♪♪ (Kyururun Kiss de Jumbo, Jumbo With a Kyururun Kiss) from SHORT CIRCUIT II
  57. めぃぷるシロップ (Maple Syrup) from SHORT CIRCUIT II
  58. ねぇ、…しようよっ! (Nee, …Shiyou yo!, Hey, …Let's Do It!) from SHORT CIRCUIT II
  59. お*ま*ま*ご*と (O*ma*ma*go*to, Pl*ay*ing*Hou*se) from SHORT CIRCUIT III
  60. らずべりー (Raspberry) from SHORT CIRCUIT III
  61. さくらんぼキッス 〜爆発だも〜ん〜 (Sakuranbo Kiss ~Bakuhatsu Da Mo~n~, Cherry Kiss ~It's An Explosion~) from SHORT CIRCUIT
  63. 明日の向こう (Ashita no Mukou, Beyond Tomorrow) from Dear Feeling
  64. 新しい恋のかたち (Atarashii Koi no Katachi, Shape of New Love) -SHORT CIRCUIT II EDIT- from SHORT CIRCUIT II
  65. 幻想の宝石 (Gensou no Houseki, Jewel of Illusions) from EXTRACT
  66. 原罪のレクイエム (Genzai no Requiem, Original Sin's Requiem) -Album Mix- from LEVEL OCTAVE
  67. ☆星空 Interceptor☆ (Hoshizora, Starry Sky) with 詩月カオリ from SHORT CIRCUIT III
  68. 常識! バトラー行進曲 (Joushiki! Battler Koushinkyoku, Common Sense! Battler March) from SHORT CIRCUIT III
  69. 遮光 (Kageri, Shade) -Album Mix- from LAMENT
  70. 決断のentrance (Ketsudan no entrance, entrance of Determination) from EXTRACT
  71. 君よ、優しい風になれ (Kimi yo, Yasashii Kaze ni Nare, You, Become a Gentle Wind) from disintegration
  72. 季節の雫 (Kisetsu no Shizuku, Season Drops) (cover of "季節の雫" by R.I.E) from The Front Line Covers
  73. 涙の誓い (Namida no Chikai, Pledge of Tears) -Album Mix- from disintegration
  74. 夏草の線路 (Natsugusa no Senro, Tracks of Summer Grass) -Album Mix- with 詩月カオリ from LAMENT
  75. 想い出は風の中で… (Omoide wa Kaze no Naka de…, Memories Are Within the Wind…) from SHORT CIRCUIT
  76. 同じ空の下で (Onaji Sora no Shita de, Under the Same Sky) from EXTRACT
  77. 乙女心+√ネコミミ=∞ (Otomegokoro Tasu Nekomimi no Heihoukon wa Mugen, A Girl's Feelings Plus the Square Root of Cat Ears Is Infinite) with 島みやえい子 from SHORT CIRCUIT II
  78. 恋愛CHU! (Ren'ai CHU!, Love CHU!) -Remix- with 詩月カオリ from SHORT CIRCUIT
  79. ↑青春ロケット↑ (Seishun Rocket, Youth Rocket) from SHORT CIRCUIT II
  80. 空より近い夢 Second Track (Sora Yori Chikai Yume, A Dream Closer Than the Sky) with AKI from Dear Feeling

Other SongsEdit

The songs listed below should be split into albums. Please remove this section once this has been done. (more information)
  1. Fair Heaven with I've Special Unit
  2. 君と夢を信じて (Kimi to Yume wo Shinjite, I Believe in You and Dreams) with 詩月カオリ
  3. -∞-Drive/roman
  4. allegretto 〜そらときみ〜 (Sora to Kimi, Sky and You)
  5. amethyst
  6. Boundary Line
  7. Crystal moment
  8. Do You Feel Loved?
  9. fickle
  10. Flower!!
  11. Fusion Star
  12. I Deal Forest ~S Style~
  13. I-DOLL 〜song for eternity〜
  14. I deal Forest
  15. Jumping Note
  16. Just as time is running out
  17. Mirabilis
  18. monochrome
  19. Now and heaven (cover of "Now And Heaven" by 島みやえい子)
  20. repeat
  21. rime
  22. room
  23. See You 〜小さな永遠〜 (Chiisa na Eien, A Small Eternity) with Mell
  24. Sensitive -Remix-
  25. Sledgehammer Romance
  26. snow angel
  27. soupir d'ange (sigh of angel)
  28. Symphony 〜星たちの詩〜 (Hoshi-tachi no Uta, Song of the Stars)
  29. Time rolls on…
  30. Unite + reactioN
  31. unsymmetry
  32. U
  33. →Unfinished→/Album-Version
  34. →Unfinished→/English-Version
  35. →Unfinished→
  36. あの日の君へ (Ano Hi no Kimi e, To the You of That Day)
  37. ずっとそばに… (Zutto Soba ni…, Always By Your Side…)
  38. 僕らが見守る未来 (Bokura ga Mimamoru Mirai, The Future We Watch Over) -Proto Type Version-
  39. 碧羅の天へ誘えど
  40. 茜空 〜それが僕らの世界だった〜 (Akanezora ~Sore ga Bokura no Sekai Datta~, Madder Red Sky ~That Was Our World~)
  41. 天壌を翔る者たち (Tenjou wo Kakeru Mono-tachi, Those Who Soar Across Heaven and Earth) with Love Planet Five

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