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This song is performed by KMFDM and appears on the album Angst (1993).
War and slavery, exploitation
The common basis of a Western nation
Official version, a falsified story
The truth lies buried in a shroud of glory

Influential people aren't serving time
For being involved in organized crime
But stashed away in beautiful mansions
Guess who provides for their generous pensions

Oppression, ignorance, censorship rule
Education is more than what's taught in school
Forced in a mold, held down by threats
Decisions are made over our heads

But there is a way to refuse and resist
We don't need to be ruled with the iron fist
We are the people, we are strong
Let's make up our minds and prove 'em wrong

Black man, white man, yellow man
Black man, white man, rip the system

Religion and TV, we're under the thumb
Prone to believe 'cause we're already numb

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