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First World Problems

This song is by KIDD and appears on the compilation Stop the Traffic (2013).

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Welcome to that culture where we speakin' loud
They cryin' out while all we do is quiet down
Crying over material, whining over appearance though
Got these kids dying over things that we're ungrateful for
But these problems ain't gon' solve 'em by they self
Getting that gold fill or two chains and the only two slaves dying for that Louis belt
Boy, y'all dyin' for J's, they dyin' from AIDS
Look for the Prince of Peace solution, it's found in the name

It's that real talk, that real walk, these real lives and them guns cocked
They fear life when girls pop, y'all feel right but I hope not
See here, you're hypnotized by money and materialism, but you ain't know when you got it
These all take your organs out, but you it draws in, teach you what they know about sick
Oh you feel it? Are you not convinced yet? Imagine yourself as the next kid
Not good, huh? You think the only bad place is the hood, huh?
Nah, big scars that we get from them taxes, big church only give when they ask 'em
Still searching, tell me where the passion? I ain't talkin' words boy, I'm talking 'bout action
King Kulture

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