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Two Sides to the Story

This song is by K-Rino.

The last thing that I've remembered I was reading a book
I was standing in the corner store just waiting in line
Woke up laying on the gurney disoriented and shook
A young gangsta walked in the door holding a nine
Five shadows stood over me one read me the rules
He left one worker in the closet bound and gag
The other four dispersed then started grabbing surgical tools
He told the cashier to clear the rack and fill up the bag
I felt heavily sedated but still I was scared
He was driving a black Coop parked out front of the place
Wanted to talk but my ability to speak was impaired
He did a double take and came back when he looked at my face
A laser lacerated my skull but I felt no pain
He ran out and smashed the gas like he was trying to break it
A tube drained and extract the chemicals from my brain
I untie the dude and bailed out just happy to make it
Out-of-body experience my conscience withdrew
The cops showed up my mind still be playing the images
I'm watching them operate on me from an overhead view
They questioned me before I was able to exit the premises
Seconds later I was home still feeling an anesthesia
Of course yo boy didn't say nothing though they question me well
I don't know what they did but I was weakened by the procedure
Besides that they had masks on so it was nothing to tell
Somebody's beating on my front door it's my girl in a rage
When I went back to the hood I ain't mention the heist
Crying asking me where I been 'cause she ain't seen me in days
The boys had already found out the previous night
I gave her a roll of tissue and said "What's your issue?"
I got a call on my house phone a block number at noon
"What the hell you mean days? I just hung out with you!"
They said "I know you talked to the laws, man I'll get with you soon."
As we debated I felt weaker so she sat beside me
Before I could explain they hung the phone up quick
She said "We talked last Tuesday K, today is Friday."
Now I'm a target in my own hood for no reason I'm sick
I said "Yeah, Tuesday the 25th is the date"
Well if it's war then I guess it's gon be war that's the biz
But when I checked my calendar it said Friday the 28th
The worse part was not knowing who the enemy is
I sent her home still trying to account for the lost time
I withdrew from everybody even family and friends
The experience I had instantly cross my mind
I'm trusting no man or woman the paranoia kicks in
Later that night I went to sleep and one or two hours in
I'm tripping hard staying up all night stressed out
I found myself in the process of being abducted again
Jumping every time I hear a strange sound in the house
They repeated the same process and entered my head
Should I move? Change my number? I don't know what to do
But this time somehow I heard every word that they said
My mama let me know that they been calling her house too
One of them said "This is the last session." and typed in a code
Could this be real, or this somebody joking or bluffing?
And inserted a blue microscopic cranial probe
If I could just let them know that I ain't tell the police nothing
As I struggled to talk the monitor started blinking
One week after the robbery I'm just chilling at home
And on the screen was printed out every word I was thinking
Scared to put my people in this so I'm mobbing alone
I thought "Why?" as my body laid in stabilization
Somebody knocked on my front door so I looked through the blinds
One of them said "We need your brain waves to produce our nation."
Whatever gon happened I'm ready for it now is the time
"Our civilization's endangered that's why we have you here"
I snatched the door open but didn't recognize this man
"We been abducting you on and all for the last two years."
He was with two dudes one of them had some gloves on his hands
"We duplicated your whole mind the entire infinite tree."
I said "Let me tell you what happened, and please refrain..."
"Our people breathe through intellect not physical intimacy."
"If y'all gon take me out at least give me a chance to explain."
I said "Man if I could save a whole planet then let it be."
They said, "It's nothin' to explain, homie, we already know."
"Especially if their mental propensity is like me."
"It's all good, I'm the young G that robbed the store."
They emerged from the shadows a princess and a prince
And even though you couldn't see my face you still didn't rat
They sent me back home that second and I ain't heard from them since
We used the cash to flip a bigger lick here's ten G's black...

Now if you heard every thing I said and you still confused
About the direction I was going and the style that I used
Take a second to rewind conentrate and you'll find
That I just told you two stories at the same time

Now if you heard every thing I said and you still confused
About the direction I was going and the style that I used
Take a second to rewind conentrate and you'll find
That I just told you two stories at the same time

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