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This song is by K-Rino and appears on the album Danger Zone (1995).

K rino I understand that you've been having a series of illusions


Yeah man my mind just keep drifting into places I don't want it to go man I don't understand what's wrong with me...


Well in order for me to get a proper diagnoses I'm gonna need you to explain it to me if possible


I'll try man but... I'll try man

As I fall into a deep sleep, knowledge is the drug I'm doping up
Eyes closed, I wait for mental doors to open up
I drift into the universal future events
I witness rhymes memorised without rehearsal
I found myself fighting in a rage
First page of the drama south park was the murder stage
So I let the tension build up, twenty they killed up
I stepped in the mix and got filled up
Skys were cloudy in my brain
I strain with pain and see the rain and blood or I'm bleeding like rain
I was too scared to fear it, so loud I couldn't hear it
Dimensional war man versus spirit
As I crossed my soul road, I met a warlord
Standing before me with the shield and a golden sword
He said forever I would burn, but fighting his soul to death
Would be the only way that I could return
Although it made no sense to me
I meditated till my mighty black book appeared instantly
However death was my conclusion
Although it appeared to be destruction it was only an illusion

Its only an illusion
(Its only an illusion)
Its only an illusion
(Its only an illusion)
Its only an illusion
(Its only an illusion)
Its only an illusion
(Its only an illusion)

Its only an illusion
(Its only an illusion)
Its only an illusion
(Its only an illusion)
Its only an illusion
(Its only an illusion)
Its only an illusion
(Its only an illusion)

Deep in South Park the projects
Home of the killers, dope fiends, hookers and car wrecks
Found myself on the verge of getting smothered
Tied up in a room full of fake under-covers
Caught up in a cross, the set up was tight and solid
Had 15 g's in a sack with two more in my wallet
They sent me upstairs to start the hit
Apartment two-twenty-one where the big boys ran they licks
Now ain't this a switch, I'm being used by the police
Living life as a faking snitch
Knocked on the door real soft
They snatched me up and let me know a dope fiend already tipped 'em off
Knowing the cops was outside, them fools was fried
So they gon' murder me and then commit suicide
It ain't no mercy or no catch
Poured some gas all over my body and they struck a match
The cops kicked until the door broke, bullets flew
Bodies were dropping both sides suffered death in the smoke
I'm caught in this confusion
Just as I thought that I was dying it was only an illusion

I think it's something psychiatric K, so I'm gonna have to do some further analysis


Am man, I can't take this no more man


I'm gonna need one more illusion K

Yeah baby I love you too
Ima come and scoop you later she said call before you come through
This was a girl I just met
She took my mind off my problems a relationship was in effect
She knew I didn't play around
Went to her crib every now and then at night just to lay it down
She knew about the life that's trapping me
Knew that I had to watch myself with all these jealous suckers after me
Was there ever any doubt? no
I stopped pounding on that booty hard I started making love slow
I never had to get this lady straight
I told her bout this fool I hate, she said she knew him back in 88
A high-capper named rick, ain't nothing changed
He was trickin back then and he's still a trick
He's out to get me 'cause I split him
On the hoop-court cappin for some freaks so I did him
My baby said he's only frontin
Take your mind off K come lay it down and let me show you somthin
Another world is what showed me, gave it like she owed me
Tied me to the bed and then she rode me
She said you like that I said yeah baby you's a killer
She said I know and then she reached up under the pillow
I hope you enjoyed the blast son
And I hope that the hit was good 'cause it's your last one
All along this trick was gaming
Twenty brothers busted out of the closets strapped and aiming
Could it be another illusion? this one was real
Life is over school out murder conclusion


K! K wake up! K-Rino! Get up! Oh my god. K! Get up! C'mon K! C'mon K snap in to it. Get back. C'mon K...

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