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Goin' To Da Clinic

This song is by K-Rino and appears on the album Stories From The Black Book (1993).

My mind is in the gutter, rolling down Calhoun
Me and Murder1 soon to pick up a girl soon
I shouldn't fuck with these dope fiend prostitutes
But at 3 in the morning they be kind of cute
So we picked one up by the _____
Snatched the little chicken-head up and then drove straight
The whole ride was just swallows, hollers
Hit it so good, Heather gave me five dollars
Realised I shouldn't move so fast
'Cause she played Burger King and flame broiled my ass
Went to the bathroom, I must be dreaming this
Hand grenade, butcher knife, hot grease stinging piss
The girl looked good when I done it
Saw the freak the next day and I almost vomit
My meat is hot and I ain't smiling
Stick my dick in a bun you can sell it at Coney Island

(Hook: K-Rino)
I got to go to the clinic
I got to go to the clinic
I got to go to the clinic
And get my dang-a-lang fixed

My next door neighbour done growed-up
The thighs, the headlights, the booty done blowed-up
She can never have a steady man
Because she hotter than the barbecue sauce at Timmy Chan
And you the one that gotta feel silly
'Cause you stuck your crocker in the wrong bowl of chilli
She can get robbed and wouldn't care
'Cause if they say, "Stick 'em up!", she'll put her legs in the air
Tryna hideout and keep to yourself, being low-key
Tryna diss me, I bet you won't go pee
Check the toilet for a minute
Piss was hot enough to fry five skillets of chicken in it
Not getting cured is a drastic act
You'll be walking round the hood with your shit in a plastic sack
Be careful when you D her
I heard the crabs on her cat even got gonorrhoea

(Hook: K-Rino)
So now you to go to the clinic
You got to go to the clinic
You got to go to the clinic
And get your dang-a-lang fixed

Once met a freak who could burn like gas
She could give you gonorrhoea just by hugging your ass
Goes to the clinic once a month like a train
Been burnt so many times her penicillin went, "You again?"
Last time she went they made her get out
They got mad and quit and said, you figure this shit out
"I keep rubber, she can burn through those"
'Cause you better bring about twelve of them hoes
Because yo, she ain't got no self-respect
Everybody ought to keep their health in check
Because the Big A will fold your ass
And I'll be at the graveyard saying, "I told your ass"

(Hook: K-Rino)
That uh you should have went to the clinic
You should have went to the clinic
You should have went to the clinic
And got your dang-a-lang fixed

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