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Creator Of Life

This song is by K-Rino and appears on the album Stories From The Black Book (1993).

Acknowledge the Creator
Allah the communicator, original stater
Of the word, verbally with an eternal speech
Breather of life into every and each
Make into then break into the South Park attitude
If a brother helps another, I react to his gratitude
As for the Father, He saw the act and recorded the deed
So if you're ever in need, you get rewarded
Some take the time to commit the crime
But after the crime you submit the time
That's what you think, 'cause you'll get it
No not acquitted, convicted cause you did it
And that which is done that is devilish as downcast
An automatic method to make you lose ground fast
Praise His name and hold up the light
The positive glow He ignites to shine bright
Cause He is the Creator

Each physical element of every man in every land
Was derived from His powerful hand
The construction of the Universe
Dating from the first man to the moment of this lyrical outburst
From every concept derived from my brain
I maintain the fact that I verbally train
Gained the strength from my years on the Earth
Some of it learned, some of it implanted at birth
Everybody's all on the neighborhood game
It's all the same parts of one city with different names
Caught in the South Park, hard fought Third Ward
Fifth Ward dist', it don't matter who's the hardest
If you support your hood, it's cool
Do it with pride but dissing others is the reason so many have died
But K-Rino will ignite every branch
Increasing the chance of a H-Town avalanche
Me and the Creator

I got to make myself do work in His name
Never in life perpetrate my game
Too many try to front and fake they quote
I'm trying my best not to miss the boat
I'm kind of confused, it's time to choose
How can I win this race if I'm running in the Devil's shoes?
I ain't a gangster or a pimp
But negativity however is hard to exempt
Yo, I gotta make my brain strong
Live my life right that I might live long
I need to know the material things mildew and mold
Cars get old, brothers die over gold
Clothes don't make the man, man makes the clothes
Allah makes the man, in a circle time goes
Time to realise that alone I'm defenseless
To live without Him is senseless

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