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Cartoon Orgie

This song is by K-Rino and appears on the album Stories From The Black Book (1993).

I went to a 'Cartoon Orgie', about a quarter to two
Saw Miss Piggy jacking off Winnie the Pooh
Yosemite Sam was fussing at this freak
'Cause he heard she been riding Daffy Duck all week
Now he clip smooth pulled up riding a Caddy
Hounding the shit out of Peppermint Patty
Pop Eye boned Olive Oyl to the finish
What he ate that night made him say, "Fuck spinach!"
Two of the Chipmunks had skipped a class
Now Casper's in the back making friends with that ass
Yogi caught Boo-Boo in the sack with Ranger Smith
They call him Boo-Boo 'cause he's full of shit
Shaggy and Scooby-Doo was having a fight
Over who was gonna get to fuck Daphne that night
Snagglepuss stepped up and said, "Be cool"
Y'all ain't getting shit, she on her period fools
Lion-O said I'll be back tomorrow
I'll have me a ho if I can catch Cheetara
Speedy Gonzales said, "Forget it, I'll stop her"
Put some Spanish Fly in her milk, then he popped her
Goofy was fucking Wonder Woman undercover
She was burnt so he used Plastic Man as a rubber
Fred came with Wilma but he couldn't cut it
So ___ paint that ass till Fat Albert nutted
Oil Can Harry was tryna be slick
So Mighty Mouse came and beat him down real quick
A knock on the front door broke all the front up
Bugs Bunny busted in holding a gun up

(Hook: K-Rino)
At the...
At the Cartoon Orgie
I'm at the Cartoon Orgie
Ooh I'm at the Cartoon Orgie

He said, "Yo, I really hate to stall you hoes
But I'm here to pick my money up from all you hoes"
Mad about the freaks they had gone and got
So sprayed George Jetson with a warning shot
But fresh out the clan was Peter Pan, a clever man
Came with a 4-5-6 from Neverland
Bugs lit a cigarette and stuck it
In his mouth, looked around, got naked and said, "Fuck it!"
Bullwinkle hand many mouths all wet
Richie Rich had long run around a train on Smurfette
Walked in a room tryna get with mine
Caught the Wonder Twins in a 69
Sylvester the Cat saw Cheetara and Speedy
Got pissed off and started sitting on Tweety
Penelope Pitstop got pregnant
It's Aquaman's baby but she blamed it on Garfield
Some chick was all over Barney's jock
Betty stepped up and they made the Bedrock
Petunia Pig freaked every man in the place
I ain't gonna front, she even sat on my face

(Hook: K-Rino)
At the...
At the Cartoon Orgie
I'm at the Cartoon Orgie
Ooh I'm at the Cartoon Orgie

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